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CT Nonprofits welcomes you to the CT Speaks Up campaign! We are asking nonprofits across the state to speak up about why our sector is so vital to the health and well-being of Connecticut. Throughout the campaign, nonprofits will be informing elected officials at all levels of government about their missions andt he critical rolds they play in their communities.


Why Advocate?

Nonprofits are driven by social missions that improve the lives of those around us. We strive for social change within our communities. Providing direct services is critical to our communities and helps meet immediate needs. But the greatest success comes from bridging the divide between direct service and advocacy. When we advocate we can create reform, change public behaviors and establish solutions to the challenges within our communities.



Why Join the Campaign?

State laws, regulations and the state budget impact nonprofit organizations every day. They impact how we provide services and the amount, if any, of governmental funding available to support those services. It is crucial that nonprofits have a voice in the process. Nonprofits must build relationships with policy makers and educate them on how valuable we are to the communities we serve.

The state has faced both unprecedented challenges and opportunities in recent years. Not only has it grappled with enormous budget deficits, but new leaders have emerged in all levels of government with alternative policy directions in mind. Now is an opportune time to reach out to them and help fully understand the work we do so that they can make informed decisions.


What You Can Do

The CT Speaks Up campaign gives legislators across the State the chance to meet with nonprofits in their districts. We are asking all nonprofits to invite their state Senator or Representative to visit their organization. Have them meet with your clients, staff, volunteers and board members. Give them a tour of your agency and show them the good work you do for your community every day. Take the time to inform them of the challenges and opportunities facing those you serve.


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