Quality Assurance

As a Nonprofit, you know that the quality of your input—your money, staff, volunteers, and activities—are essential to the quality of your output.

You plan out and execute certain actions in order to produce a certain outcome, whether it is generating awareness of your cause, fundraising, or fulfilling your mission in another way.

Quality Assurance is a means of assessing the quality and impact of your programs or services on the community. Below are some helpful resources to aid you in not only evaluating your results, but giving you assistance in ensuring that your input will produce a successful outcome.

If you have any resources that you’d like to share with the nonprofit community, please email a brief description, and link or PDF to Katie Breslin


Helpful Tools and Guides

The Urban Institute: Outcome IndicatorsA framework for nonprofit performance measurement. For nonprofits seeking to develop new outcome monitoring processes or improve their existing systems

The Results-Based Accountability Implementation Guide Questions and Answers, Tools, and Resources

Free Management Library: Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

The Center for What Works Benchmarking for Nonprofits and Performance Measurement Tools

Fieldstone Alliance: A Guide to Logic Models

Fieldstone Alliance: Benchmarking 101 for Nonprofits

The Rensselaerville Institute, Educational Center

Free Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods 



 Online Resources

Top Ten Strategic Principles for Not for Profit Organizations – The world is evolving at lightening speed, and it is becoming more and more challenging for nonprofits to develop a set of principles to position it for success. This resource will provide you with noteworthy information and principles to consider for your organization.

 Benchmark Against Leading Practice: Strategic Outcome Planning Checklist – A self-assessment tool to enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses and establish capacity building goals in the area of strategic outcome planning.

 Benchmark Against Leading Practice: Bundle of 7 Checklists – A self-assessment tool to enable you to identify capacity strengths and weaknesses and establish capacity building goals. Includes: IT, marketing, strategic outcome planning, fund development, finance, HR & board leadership.

 Planning for Nonprofit Organizations – Planning is essential for your nonprofit. Integrating all planning efforts prevents uncoordinated and conflicting results. This article demonstrates that the importance of developing your plan in an integrated manner.


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