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10 Steps to Help You Gain Funds, Jason Chmura

Crafting the Online Ask: A Donor-Driven Model, Amy Albert

Capital Campaigns in a Crowd Funding World, Emma Palzere-Rae

Elevating Your Individual Donor Program, Sarah Lange

Trends in CT Philanthropy, Josh Lipshitz

Philanthropy's Role in a Healthy Democracy, Maggie Gunther Osborn, CT Council for Philanthropy

Innovations in Nonprofit Funding, Kara Straun

Top 10 Tips for Appeals that Work!, Sarah Lange, New Era

Relationships Don't Happen in a Revolving Door, Sharon Danosky, Danosky Associates

Community Relations Approach to Grant Writing, Gina Marcantonio, Nonprofit Development Consultant

Raise More Money by Using Social Media, Christine Covino, New Era

Finding the Path to Donor Nirvana, Tom Ahern

Contemporary Philanthropy Sarah Lange, New Era

Charitable Gaming and Your Nonprofit Ed Spinella, Reid & Riege

How to Turn It Up a Notch When Planning Your Fundraising Gala Julie Buckley, Magenta

Rules of the Road: Fundraising in Tough Times. John H. Motley JD, MotleyBeup; and Elvin D. Turner, JD MBA

Yes, She is a Philanthropist Too! Abbie J von Schlegell, CFRE and Heather Dinneen

Corporate Social Responsibility. Sondra Lintelmann-Dellaripa

Philanthropic Giving & Volunteerism in Connecticut. Ron Cretaro

Travelers Championship Philanthropy Day Brings Funders and Nonprofits Together Nora Duncan, Executive Director, The ARC of CT


Moving Forward: Dealing with Reduced Funding. Denis Geary,Jewish Association for Community Living; Richard Knoll, TEAM Inc.;  Karen Brown, MPA, Fairfield County Community Foundation; Sarah Lange, New Era for Nonprofits.


From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Jan. 16), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Sept. 15), Mike Burns

Sink, Swim or Soar - The Choice Is Yours, Sharon Danosky

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Jun. 15), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Mar. 15), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Dec. 14), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Sept. 14), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Jul. 14), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Mar. 14), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Dec. 13), Mike Burns

From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat (Sept. 13), Mike Burns

The High Performance Nonprofit, Anne Yurasek

Strategic Planning: A Step-by-Step Process, Anne Yurasek, Fio Partners

Succession Planning, Aaron Hurst, Taproot Foundation

Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board Member from a CPA's Perspective Darin Offerdahl, Michaud and Accavallo, LLC

Nonprofit Crises: An Assessment Process to Help Restore an Organization's Footing Mike Burns, BWB Solutions

Digging Into the Merger Myths Baggage Tom McLaughlin, Nonprofit Finance Fund

Collaboration: Getting the Ball Rolling Jane Arsenault, Ann Yurasek; Fio Partners

Management versus Mission. Jan Masaoka, Blue Avocado

The Role of Strategic Planning and Governance in Creating a Shared Vision. Rebecca Bryan, Bay Path College; Deanne Shapiro, Life Skills Associates; Mike Burns, BWB Solutions.

Email Voting. Leah Cohen Chatinover, Stanger & Arnold, LLP

Donors Increasingly Rely on “Watchdog” Organizations When Allocating Resources. Courtesy of J.H. Cohn



Fish or Fowl? Establishing Your Nonprofit's Brand Personality, Anita Ford Saunders

National vs. Local: Whose Brand Is It?, Sarah Durham

The Newsletter's New Clothes, Michael Selissen

Are Nonprofits Getting the Most of Out of their Video Bucks?, Rosemary O'Neill

Essentials for Crafting the Right Messages, Jennifer Peifer

Nonprofits and the Changing Media Landscape, Jennifer Peifer

10 Steps to Rock Your Online Communications, Kate McOmber

Your Mobile Impact, Cierra Stancil

Top 6 Tips for Taking Your Cause Mobile, Darian Rodriguez Heyman, BetterWorld Wireless

Winning Online: Fast and Lasting Strategies for Nonprofits, Rob Leighton, iMission Partners

6 Steps to Getting the Big Payoff with Your Online Communications, Ann-Marie Harrington, Embolden

Don't Do Press Conferences, Rick Schwartz

A Closer Look at Technology Staffing Levels,  Annliese Hoehling, NTEN

Getting the Board on Board when Changing Your Brand, Sarah Durham, Big Duck

Public Relations: Cost Effective &  Results Driven Peter Roche, Danosky & Associates

How People Read Websites and Why They Don't Phil Schlager

Measuring Your Impact with Social Media Jenn Whinnem, CT Health Foundation

10 Ways of Expressing Your Nonprofit’s Brand. Howard Levy, Red Rooster Group

Tying Your Website to a Branding and Funding Strategy. Ira W. Yellen, First Experience Communications. Contributions by David Kluskiewicz and Alison Karam, APR.

Who Do You Think You Are? The Role of Vision in Nonprofit Marketing and Communications (Part 1 of 3). Howard Levy, Red Rooster Group

Assessing your Brand and Marketing Communications (Part 2 of 3). Howard Levy, Red Rooster Group

Increase your Visibility with a Marketing Communications Plan (Part 3 of 3). Howard Levy, Red Rooster Group

Measuring Your Marketing. Howard Levy, Red Rooster Group

Cloud Computing. Bill Abram, Pragmatix

Privacy Liability for Nonprofits - How well are we protecting our client's data? Jennifer Mc-Ewen Glover, Beardsley, Brown and Bassett.

Policy / Advocacy

Collaboration, Innovation and Preparation Key to Advocacy, Jeff Shaw

Losing Tim: How Our System Fails Our Kids with Mental Illness, Colleen Kearney

The Time for Effective Advocacy is Now, Jeff Shaw

Advocating for the Behavioral Health & Children's Sectors, Colleen Kearney

Finding Time for Advocacy, Jeff Shaw

Federal (OMB) Guidance on Indirect Costs: What It Does and Why It Matters to Nonprofits, Jeff Shaw, CT Nonprofits

Who Has the Time? And Other Questions on Nonprofit Advocacy, David L. Thompson, National Council of Nonprofits

The 2014 Midterm & Your Nonprofit: Making it Count, Sophie Lehman, Nonprofit VOTE

National  Council Leader Calls Nonprofits to Action, Jeff Shaw, CT Nonprofits

Partners in Progress: CT Nonprofits Leading the Way, Tim Delaney, National Council of Nonprofits

Vote 2012: The Nonprofit Difference Sophie Lehman, Nonprofit VOTE

PILOTS: Confrontation or Collaboration? David Thompson, National Council of Nonprofits

2012 Legislative Session Comes to a Close - But there is Still Work to Do Liza Andrews, MSW, Public Policy DIrector

The Economic Health and Impact of Nonprofits in Connecticut. CT Nonprofits

Advocacy in Action: Latino Advocacy Day. Yvette Bello, Latino Community Services

Advocacy in Action: The Mission of a Developmental Disabilities ProviderTerry Macy, Ph.D, SARAH Tuxis Residential Services

Advocacy in Action: Vision of an HIV/AIDS Activist. Shawn M. Lang. CT AIDS Resource Coalition.

Advocacy in Action: Nonprofits across Connecticut are making their voices heard! Liza Andrews, MSW, Public Policy Director

Community Investment Act: Investment in Connecticut communities gives exponential returns

Cuts Alone Won't Cut It Liza Andrews, MSW, Public Policy Director

What Messaging & Channels Influence Congress? Allyson Kapin


Human Resources

Reversing and Preventing Employee Burnout, Karen Maciorowski

Employee Engagement on a Budget, Adam Cobb, eAppraisal

Master Your Conflict Style and Get Some Sleep, Jane Zirlis, KardasLarson, LLC

Barriers to Performance, Jane Zirlis, KardasLarson, LLC

Before You Go: The Exit Interview. David Lewis, OperationsInc

Analyzing the Organization's Culture. Carol L. Kardas, SPHR, CCP, KardasLarson, LLC, Human Resource Solutions

Developing Your Interview Style: Hiring Smart. Carol L. Kardas, SPHR, CCP

Workplace Communication. David A. O’Brien

Does your nonprofit employee handbook reflect the policies you actually follow? Karen Maciorowski, MBA, CAE, CT Nonprofits

Finance / Operations

Liquidity: A Key Component to Organizational Stability, John Osterman

Developing an Appreciation for Depreciation, Gretchen Upholt

Uniform Grant Guidance for Nonprofits (part 1), Courtesy of CohnReznick

Is Your Organization Audit Ready?, Robert Cappelucci, Premier Accounting Group

How Nonprofits Difer from For-Profits when it Comes to Financial Statements, Dawn Bryant, Viola, Chrabascz, Reynolds & Co.

Employee Theft and Embezzlement. Stephen A. Pedneault, CPA/CFF, CFE, FCPA, Principal, Forensic Accounting Services, LLC

Reflecting on the IRS Form 990: What We've Learned and Getting Ready for Next Year. Jim Traester, LLC, CPA, of Anquillare, Ruocco, Traester and Company.

Seven Ways to Reduce Audit Costs. Dennis Walsh, CPA

Connecticut Nonprofits Face Rising Unemployment Taxes in 2010 CT Nonprofits

Secure Needed Resources to Further your Nonprofit Mission. Paul R. Ballasy, CPA, J.H. Cohn

Nonprofit Organization Federal and State Filing Requirements Darin L. Offerdahl, MBA, CPA, Principal, Michaud & Accavallo, Certified Public Accountants, LLC


New Ideas: Tools for Discovery and Implementation, Sedrick Miles

Cultivating New Leaders with Familiar Faces, Alexandrea Papp

Reinventing the Sector: Leadership Skills for Changing Times, Jane Arsenault and Anne Yurasek

Workplace Team Decision Making - What Gets Results, Kenya Rutland

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for a Change in Leadership?, Hez Norton, Third Sector New England

Exploring the Untapped Potential of Frontline Leadership, Daniel Horgan

Quiet Changemakers: 5 Leadership Practices for Introverts, Trina Isakson

Sparking the Accountability Conversation, David A. O'Brien, WorkChoice Solutions

Developing the Next Generation of Social Change Leaders, Nicole Lindsay and Meghan Lowney

Modeling Success: Adapting to Change Builds Innovation, Thomas A. McLaughlin

Next Generation Leadership, KeriLynn Engel

Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World, David A. O'Brien, WorkChoice Solutions

Rethinking Group Decision Making David A. O'Brien, WorkChoice Solutions

Rookie Executives Need Not Fear Mistakes Rosanne Druckman

10 Strategies for Accessing Your Full Leadership Capacity. David A. O'Brien, WorkChoice Solutions

Leadership Engagement as Job One. David A. O'Brien, WorkChoice Solutions

Leadership is Learned: Ten Practical Tips to Transform your Organization in Support. Meghan Lowney, Ripple Effect Consulting

The Three Dimensions of Leadership Trust. David A. O'Brien, WorkChoice Solutions

Leaders: Engaged Staff Means Engaged Stakeholders Philip Wyzik, MA, President & CEO, Mental Health Association of CT


Principles & Practices in Action

Latino Community Services. Erin DeStefanis

YWCA Hartford Region. Erin DeStefanis

American School for the Deaf





CT Nonprofits

Dan Pallotta Wants Us to Rethink Charity, Patrick McKenna

Why I Think Nonrofits Should Act More Like Businesses, Dan Pallota

CT Nonprofit Center Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Advocacy Day Showcases the Power of Nonprofits, KeryLynn Engel & Julia Wilcox

Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Action, Patrick McKenna

CT Nonprofit Center (Sept. 2014)

An Invitation for Practical Dreamers, Ami Dar, Idealist

Wes Moore - The Power of Expectation, Patrick McKenna, CT Nonprofits

CT Nonprofit Center - From Vision to Reality

Wes Moore Brings Message of Hope

CT Nonprofits' Members Form Creative Collaborations to Help Communities in Need, Jennifer Peifer, CT Nonprofits

One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Community Engagement, Jennifer Peifer, CT Nonprofits

Reflections on Success - Thoughts from a Lifelong Optimist Naomi Tutu

Creating a Nonprofit Center in Hartford

CT Nonprofits Week(s) 2012

Generation of Purpose Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder, Ambassador for Free The Children (Volunteer)

Point of Change 9th Annual Conference

Helping Nonprofits Help CT. Ron Cretaro, Executive Director

The Power of Nonprofits. 8th Annual Conference

Birdies for Charity 2011

How the Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation Study Has Benefitted the Nonprofit Community. Karen Maciorowski

CT Nonprofits Week 2011

The Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation Study